Fear of flying

Fear of flying (or aerophobia / aviophobia / aviatophobia) affects roughly 1 in 5 people, and can be a real nuisance.  It might just mean that family holidays abroad are impossible, or it might make a desired career impossible if it involves flying during business trips.

The effect that a fear of flying will have on a person can vary greatly.  At one end of the scale, it might simply be anxiety during certain parts of a flight.  At the other end, it might manifest itself as a full blown terror, which might even preclude them from just picking someone up from an airport.

Statistically, of course, flying is one of the safest modes of transport ... but to someone with a fear of flying, knowing this at a conscious level, is not enough, and they remain afraid, controlled by their fear of flying.

To the sufferer, it's their imagination that drives their fear, and no amount of 'rationalisation' can help this. 

Most nervous flyers simply avoid flying entirely if they can, and this avoidance serves to reinforce the fear of flying phobia.

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